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Save time and money, and give your parents something amazing.

Tapestry gives you the opportunity to offer parents of the children in your care something special. Enable them to participate in the experiences you offer, by giving them regular access to photographs, videos and notes about their children whilst in the care of your centre.
At the same time, give your staff a new tool to help communicate with parents, to monitor progress against several educational frameworks, and to organise the information they keep for every child in their care.

And do this while saving money and time on the traditional scrapbook or binder profiles, with the cutting and pasting, and non-contact times that these frequently entail. At the end of a child’s stay at your centre, give parents access to electronic or paper journals of their time with you.

Used by thousands of early childhood provisions and schools all over the world, each setting receives a complete, secure web application with its own unique address, as well as full viewing, editing, and analysis controls. Free downloadable iOS and Android apps enable parents to view the information you want to share, immediately or at your discretion.

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We’re really enjoying using Tapestry in our school. The parents are loving it and are really appreciative of having the chance to see what their children get up to during the day.

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