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We know how important the data we’re holding onto is, which is why security is our number one priority when it comes to Tapestry. We’re careful to keep everything up to date and to regularly check for weaknesses. We don’t sell the data added to Tapestry, use it for advertising, or make it visible to anyone who hasn’t been authorised.

If you’d like to know more about our security, please take a look at our contract which you can find on our detailed security page.

If you have any questions about how we handle or secure your data please get in touch by emailing

Account History

A complete record of actions taken on your account by every user.

Tailored user permissions

Tailor user permissions for each staff member and family member in a way that works for your provision.

Unlimited devices

Access Tapestry on as many devices as you like.

Video and written tutorials

Our tutorials will take you step by step through every available feature.

Find gaps

Quickly and easily see where the gaps in your assessments are.

Track attainment

Keep track of each child's assessed scores in various learning frameworks.

Multiple staff types

Add staff members as one of three different staff user types with varing access/control.