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Reflecting is an important component of the planning and programming cycle.

It allows you to review and plan for effectively supporting children in their learning journey. Tapestry enables you to reflect on learning stories and observations you have added to Tapestry, helping you to show continuity of learning and development, as well as engage in an ongoing cycle of learning and reflective practice.


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Reflections provides you with the tool for reflecting not only on children’s learning, but also on aspects for your QIP and Governance and Leadership. You’re able to tag your reflections for the EYLF Practices and Principles and the NQS, amongst other tag sets available, helping you to compile and monitor your evidence portfolio for enduring quality.


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Data is kept securely and maintained using the most up to date techniques.

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Find gaps

Quickly and easily see where the gaps in your assessments are.

Account History

A complete record of actions taken on your account by every user.

Split group observations

Separate group observations instantly so each child can have their own version with relevant amendments.

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Multiple staff types

Add staff members as one of three different staff user types with varing access/control.

Bespoke Tagging

Use #hashtags in observations to identify key-phrases such as ‘#childinitiated’ or specific focus points e.g. #behaviour, as well as for categorising observations e.g. ‘#term1project’.

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Unlimited devices

Access Tapestry on as many devices as you like.

Sleep diary

Keep a record of when a child has slept using the care diary.

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