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Name Labels

Labelling your children's drawers, pegs, work, and everything else just got a little easier!

From the ‘Children’ tab on the browser version of Tapestry, you can quickly export and print a pdf of your children’s names. You can do every child on your Tapestry account in one go, hand pick just a few, or you can choose everyone in any group you have already set up.


Label selector screen - choose your style. The two options shown are a white box with a pink edge and the child's full name and picture on, or a green box with green edge with the child's first name and no picture.


You have a few style choices based on how much of their name you want to be included and the size of the label. They come in a few colours or you can print in black and white.


Drawer label example. White box with an orange edge with the child's first name and initial in.


If none of the default styles work for you though, please email us a suggested label of the size, colour, and style you’d like and we’ll look at adding it in. You can see instructions of how to do that and the details we’ll need at the bottom of the page where you select your label style on Tapestry.


Here is Ben from the Tapestry product support team talking you through the feature:



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