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Document children's learning using Montessori on Tapestry

We added the Montessori framework to Tapestry so that Montessori settings all over the world would be able to easily document their children’s accomplishments and share them with relatives in a more informative and thorough way.

The areas are split as Practical Life/AEL, Sensorial, Literacy, Mathematics, Cultural/KUW. Within these areas, we have created sub-areas for practitioners to easily be able to locate which activity the child has completed and link it efficiently to the observation.

Each activity is also linked to an informative description about how the activity is carried out and what the aims or it are.



When it comes to tracking, you can use our summative assessment screen to view the progress the child is making for each activity from one period to the next and manually add assessments and refinements for Montessori activities without having to add a full observation.



Tapestry will also offer suggestions of which activities you might want to present a child may next based on the assessments you’ve made so far.



If you’d like to see it in action for yourself please do take advantage of our free no obligation two week trial!

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