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Bespoke Tagging

Identify and track important topics and goals

Quickly and simply tag observations on Tapestry for practices and concepts that are important to you. Through the use of hashtags to identify and categorise observations you can easily locate those observations which contain specific hashtags you have used. The following are some ways our users have taken advantage of these:

  • To indicate whether an observation is child initiated or educator supported.
  • To track specific focus points. This has been used particularly in services supporting children with special educational needs, but is a great way of focusing on holistic development too.
  • To add, find, and plan on what next.
  • To keep a record of conversations with parents.
  • To monitor learning environments.

It’s a totally flexible system so can be used for anything you’d like!

Notes and hashtags in an observation

Quick assessments

Record judgements without having to add whole observations.

Find gaps

Quickly and easily see where the gaps in your assessments are.

Bulk media export

Export all the videos and pictures for a child in one go to give their family quick and easy offline access.

Video and written tutorials

Our tutorials will take you step by step through every available feature.

Multiple staff types

Add staff members as one of three different staff user types with varing access/control.

Account History

A complete record of actions taken on your account by every user.