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Tapestry helps educators to do what they do best.

You chose your vocation because you want to work with children; to share in their experiences, and to take pleasure in their company as you help them to grow and develop. Spending hours of non-contact time on paperwork to record and document this progress is probably not why you decided to become an educator. Tapestry enables you to reduce the time you spend on form filling and analysis, by providing you with a simple, user friendly way of entering data for the Early Years Learning Framework, Developmental Milestones, and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, and is designed to simplify and improve recording and tracking within these curricula. By linking to these frameworks in your observations and reflections, you provide data for powerful tracking screens, supporting your analysis of children’s learning and how and what you are reflecting on to deepen your pedagogical assessment and your reflective practices. 

Additionally, Tapestry is designed to enable you to share with the parents of the children you care for, the exciting, the unexpected and the everyday moments you encounter. Set your children’s parents up with free Tapestry accounts and they will have access to videos, photos and notes of their own child’s learning journal. Using a web browser or app (Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire) they can, if you choose this option, respond to the observations you post, and even show you things their child does in their own time. Engaging with parents and sharing in the joy of a child’s development is an integral aspect of Tapestry.

So, no longer do you need to use ring binders or scrapbooks as learning records, or prepare time-consuming written notes and glued-in photos. And when children leave, Tapestry will enable you to provide parents with a permanent version of their child’s journal as a keepsake, either as a hard copy or a downloadable PDF, or on the media of your choice.

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We have been using the system for a few years now and feel like the system improves regularly, adding more bells and whistles to make our work easier. Our parents love it too. We get instant feedback to any observations we add and are able to share new ideas for development with parents too, so our children are supported brilliantly on their journey.

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