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Parents and Tapestry

by Natalie Williams on December 11

Natalie Williams has written a series of three articles designed to help parents of children who attend schools or settings using Tapestry as their online learning journal. Her collection of articles are designed specifically to help other parents utilise Tapestry to support learning at home, as well as to highlight – as a busy working mum – how helpful the notifications can be. Drawing on her experiences, she also shares her viewpoint that online learning journals now allow parents who work, to feel involved and part of the school learning community, despite not being able to attend every school meeting or trip.

How do parents like to use Tapestry? What do they get out of it?

5 Top Tips to help parents add their own observations to Tapestry

How to work with your child’s setting to help support their learning at home

Natalie Williams

In Natalie's own words, 'I’m mum of two little darling ( and demanding) boys, Eden and Byron. Both insist that I pretend to be the big bad wolf multiple times a day or a human goalpost when the sun is shining. I work from home and live in Essex with my wonderful partner in crime, Dom. If I’m having a bad day, I remember Life is beautiful when you have running water at your fingertips!'